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The Jay-Z Mixtape Discography
—> Re-Tagged/iTunes Ready/Including Covers
—> All in .mp3 format

*2001 - Roc-A-Fella Records Hot 97 Takeover [Live Freestyles]

2003 - The S. Carter Collection [S. Carter Sneaker Promo Mixtape]

2004 - The Grey Album [Unofficial Blend by Danger Mouse, blends Beatles - White Album And Jay-Z’s Black Album]

2004 - Fade 2 Black The Mixtape [Fade To Black Movie Promo Mixtape]

2008 - Viva La Hova [Unofficial Blend Mixtape]

2010 - Creative Control [With DJ Green Lantern]

*The Roc-A-Fella Records Hot 97 Takeover is a classic and it’s hosted by Jay, that’s why I put it up here, it doesn’t contain much Jay-Z material though.

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